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Welcome To Bad Monkey Records & Promotions

Getting your music heard is one of the most important things any artist can do and, under normal circumstances, the cost can be far higher than many artists can afford. Add to thatm many musicians & artists today are choosing a more independent approach to the music industry. This is great to see artists in control but we know the hardships that are associated with this. We at Bad Monkey aim to assist these artists in their journey and aim to help out with both Label Services, Media Promotion or both.


We work alongside many radio stations globally and various media outlets and we are sure that we can help raise your Artist Profile and get you heard by many more people around the world than you possibly could by yourselves and his, we hope, will ultimately lead to greater exposure for your and in turn hopefully more sales. Unlike other agencies that provide similar we try our best to give you a fairer approach to this almost necessary part of your musical career.

We know that your time is valuable and your art is immeasurable, as is ours, but we try to work alongside you and again, unlike many others out there, we listen to what it is you actually want and aim to put this into action. Trust us, it's certainly a lot more than "Just Sending Some Emails" If it wasn't we'd all be rock stars! As a Record Promotions &  Label Services Compay, we can offer many acts a new way forward with options to help you on your way and all at affordable prices were aplicable.


What once may have seemed an improbability, now becomes a reality and, more importantly, becomes affordable to all, so making this part of the process less daunting and hopefully easier for you to maximise your profile, sales and eventual profits. So don't wait, get in touch now and let us be a part of your journey as we help you in becoming all you can be.

As an Independent Artist you may not require our Label Services and instead simply need promotional help with your release and that is where we have a vast network of contacts globally that can aid in this! Either way, everything is here, under one roof and as we help you and you get involved with us you'll soon find out that you're working alongside us and not for us and vice versa and we are sure you'll agree, this is a much better way forward in this minefield that is known as The Music Business. Check out our Radio Campaigns for all prices and note, the prices are a only a guideline as every artist has different needs and all prices are flexible in both the amount charged and time shown promoted. We look after you, as it should be and not the other way around as is often the case with many other companies.  Bad Monkey Records is most definitely a new way of doing business!

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