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Welcome To Bad Monkey Records & Promotions

It’s no secret that the musicians & artists of today are choosing a more independent approach to the music industry and this project at Bad Monkey has been a long time in the making, the pandemic putting things on hold for a while. Now though we are able to get back on track and work alongside you and your act and help guide and assist you as we help get you and your music out there in what we say is "A New Way Of Doing Business!"

Your time is valuable and your art is immeasurable, as is ours, but we try to work for you and with you and unlike many other options out there we listen to what it is you actually want and aim to put it into action. As a Record Services label, the new way forward for many acts, we can offer you many options, from a full recording deal, a sales deal or even just a promotional deal or any combination therin, we spend the time to chat and see how we can help you in the next step forward in your career.

What once may have seemed an improbability, now becomes a reality and together we will bring the fun back into the business all while takling care to guide and assist you in the best way possible and the to the best of our ability. The power of having a Label behind you can make all the difference, large or small and here at Bad Monkey Records we can assure you that your music will make it to where it needs to be so that it can maximise your profile, sales and profits. So why not join us and become all that you can be. If you've already made that jump, or are happy simply being an Independent Artist and instead need just promotional help rather than label services then we are here for you too. Everything is here, under one roof and as we help you and you get involved with all we do, you'll soon find that you'll be working alongside us and not for us and as such end up helping others like you along the way. Here we are all one big family and everyone has their own skills and knowledge to bring to the party.

Add to that you can be a party of our charitable work too as we take a percentage of profits earned - ours not yours - and put it towards the many Mental Health Charities that we support or intend to. Bad Monkey Records, a new way of doing business for sure!

Latest News

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The Brand New Video From Ryder For Lilan's Lullaby!

The Brand New Single From Ryder On Bad Monkey Records!

Lilans Lullabye.jpg

Ryder's brand new single Lilan's Lullaby, the first single release on Bad Monkey Records is almost here. The release date is May 6th 2022 so make sure to add this to your list of 'Must Buy Singles' and also add it to your playlist as soon as possible!

A superb full length video will accompany the release and we will share that with you very soon now. Ryder's dedicated page here on site will be updated shortly with all links and purchase/stream details provided.

The guys have worked really hard, have re-branded themselves their logo and their sound and with Lilan's Lullaby it's a very different sound indeed to what you have been used to with the band! Bravo guys we're proud of all the hard work you've put in and we are sure your fans will love what's coming their way!