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Cosmic Whiskey Brothers

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Cosmic Whiskey Brothers formed in a valley in South Wales, during the great lockdown of 2020, when Keryn asked Kevin to write a song…..Which with no previous experience he dutifully did, and the writing goes on……. From that experiment the first single was born !!!

The band is predominantly Kevin Mewies and Keryn Isaacs, the former being the lyricist and lead singer, with the latter being the multi-instrumental maestro and musical magician!

Coming from the hot bed of talent that South Wales is, there’s plenty of gifted musicians to call on, and that’s the plan. Band members come and go, as their skills are desired, but once a Cosmic Whiskey Brother they're always in the brotherhood…

Although the main protagonists are big fans of rock music, their sound doesn’t slot easily into a single genre… “We just go where the song takes us” is their simple mantra. And it goes down some varied alleys, but that’s just how they roll.

When asked where their ambitions lie the boys just say… “If we catch a break we’ll take it, but if not, we’ll just keep on doing what we do, and keep doing it because we love it” ........ You can’t say fairer than that!

Latest News

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The 3rd Single From Cosmic Whiskey Brothers "You're The One" Released On Bad Monkey Records On All Major Platforms August 14th 2023, 

CWB - Terms & Conditions (1).jpg

The 2nd Single From Cosmic Whiskey Brothers "Terms & Conditions" Released On Bad Monkey Records On All Major Platforms May 14th 2023 

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The Debut Single From Cosmic Whiskey Brothers "Together Apart" Released On Bad Monkey Records On All Major Platforms Now, Click Image For Links!

Coming Soon! Their Debut EP "NUMQUAM SERO" In Early 2023

Copy of CWB - Together Apart Cover (1).jpg
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