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Ged Wilson

Blues For The 21st Century

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Hailed as, “A competent and classy 21st Century Bluesman” by Fatea Magazine and “Brim-full of positive vibes, humour and innovation” by RnR Magazine, Ged Wilson is wowing audiences with his blend of acoustic blues roots jazz folk fusion.

He has toured the nation, jammed the blues clubs, hit the festivals and had two sell-out tours of France. With four solo albums, much radio airplay and favourable reviews Ged is now making his mark.

Based in Cheltenham, Ged (that’s Jed with a G!) grew up in Manchester, a city with a great musical heritage, and cites John Mayall, “The Godfather of British Blues” as an early influence on his own distinctive song writing style.

On stage, Ged creates guitar vibes, harmonica wails and from-the-heart vocals, spiced with a dash of laconic humour to give a full-on, upbeat show.

Check Out Some Of The Places Ged Has Performed At Bottom Of Page!

All Of Ged's Music is available for you to download & stream through all major outlets as well as on Bandcamp. Please Support Ged by having a listen on Spotify to his releases and then maybe buyiung a track or two here and there off of his albums to support him as he records his latest album Bandcamp is a great way to download merch and music from Ged so check out the link to his account and hit the Follow button, so keeping up to date on all future releases, Thank you.

Albums From Ged Wilson

3 - Forever Now Album.jpg

Forever Now - 2010

Ged Wilson - What's Going On (Album) (2013).jpg

What's Going On - 2013

1 - Ged Wilson - Tonight At Noon (Album).jpg

Tonight At Noon - 2016

The Story So Far… Cover.jpg

The Story So Far - 2023

Singles From Ged Wilson

2 - Ain’t That A Shame (Anthology Mix) Single.jpg

Ain't That A Shame - 2019

Cool Summer Breeze Artwork.jpg

Cool Summer Breeze - 2021

1 - Ged Wilson  #1 - Stomp N Shake.jpg

Stomp N Shake - 2022

7 - Urban Blues Cover.jpg

Urban Blues - 2023

"Ain't That A Shame (Anthology Mix)" is Ged's first re-release on Bad Monkey records and is a cracking song for sure! Ain't That A Shame (Anthology Mix), is also the title track from his upcoming 2023 album of the same name. The title says it all really as Ged, like many others, had to put all of his musical palns to one side and start all over again once this settled. The album will be a mixture of the before as well as all that is yet to come, so taking us all on the journey so far. Ged's blend of blues will bring joy and sadness, mimicking the journey he's been on and we are sure you will in turn embrace both him and the music, the stories he has to tell, and look back on the journey he has undertaken and become a fan along the way. 

Ged's First New Realease On Bad Monkey Records Now Available

Ged Wilson  #1 - Stomp N Shake.jpg

October 3rd saw the first release on the Bad Monkey Records label for Ged Wilson with "Stomp N Shake" 

Click image to left to download!

Check back here and our our Facebook and Instagram pages for all future updates, including the second single soon and his brand new album Ain't That A Shame

Ged looks forward to bringing all his music so far as well as his new unreleased tracks, combining on one great album, showcasing "The Journey So far!"  Click image to left to download!

A teaser video promo clip of

Ged Wilson's "Stomp N Shake"

Some Of The Events Ged Has Played

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2022 - August.JPG
2015 - April.JPG
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