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Ryder are currently a 3-piece Hard Rock band formed in August 2016 hailing from Queens, NY and consist of James Ryder (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Bloch (Guitar) & Billy Smith (Drums). 


The band features different talents, united in their passion to throw down in the classic style for a modern crowd. Lead singer and guitarist James Ryder embodies the pounding spirit of true rock; while Billy Smith fuses precision with rebellion on drums and guitarist Andrew Bloch weaves the musical threads that unite the band into a single, guiding force.


Ryder is authentically heavy but always wailing for their audience rather than at it. Their first EP IV, which was produced by former Lynch Mob bass player Anthony Esposito, was released in 2017 and caught fans’ attention with its classic, yet contemporary sound. Their EP, For What It’s Worth, is a live compilation of new songs and a daring choice showing the band at their very best while playing to a live audience in venues that know good Heavy Rock when they hear it (L.A’s Whiskey A-Go-Go, NY’s Gramercy Theatre, NJ's Wellmont Theatre). With obvious respect for the inspiration of their predecessors, from Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and others of the same ilk woven into a thumping sound that is clearly alive with the audiences of today.


On signing with Bad Monkey Records and ahead of their new single release front man James Ryder says: “After a great conversation with Bad Monkey, I have very high hopes for the future and am looking forward to our new relationship. “Lilan's Lullaby” is the perfect track to kick our journey off with and it's a dark tale of sex, drugs & rock&roll and I’m sure all our fans, new and old will love it!”

As James says "We're just three Smucks from Queens!" But trust us... They are a hell of a lot more than that!

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James Ryder

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Andrew Bloch


Billy Smith

The Brand New Video From Ryder For Lilan's Lullaby!

The Brand New Single From Ryder On Bad Monkey Records!