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Get Your Copy Of Some Great Music From Bad Monkey Records

It's the debute single on Bad Monkey Records from Ryder with Lilan's Lullabye. It's a hunting, rocking track from a re-branded, invigorated band which altready is picking up great airplay around the world, including from some major players! Get you copy now and support the guys as they set out on a brand new journey! A NEW 6 track EP is coming shortly.  

Paul Gillings - Mr Smith Cover Artwork.jpg

Mr Smith is the 3rd studio solo album from UK harmonica virtuoso Paul Gillings, bringing you 12 original tracks that will change your perspective on the harmonica forever. From tender instrumentals to full on rocking blues tracks Mr Smith is a testament to Paul's talents as a multi instrumentalist and incredible songwriter. Paul describes the album as a tribute to his parents record collection as he draws on seventies rock guitar riffs and sixties songsmithery!

To buy a copy of the CD, with P&P included for £12.50, simply click the "Buy Now" button. Thank you & enjoy! Please feel free to contact us and leave a review. For a MP3 download or to stream, check out Pauls Artist Page here on site.

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