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The Weekend Blues Band

"Bringing You The Music Of Bennett & Steele"

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A big welcome from Bad Monkey to The Weekend Blues Band. With brand new social accounts just opened do please click on the icons above and follow the band as they get ready to bring you their 1st Single and full album in 2024!

About The Band

Bennett & Steele have been around for quite some time now, having met back in the mid 80’s. Both called Colin the guys each have their separate strengths & it seems were destined to meet and work together. Colin Steele is the “Music Man” & Colin Bennett is the “Man With The Words!” & together have always been known simply as “Bennett & Steele”, go on have a look, you’ll find ‘em & they’ve both been very successful songwriters over the years together writing for others musicians.

Life however, as it so often does, got in the way & as such their daytime work, marriage & children took over for a while. Come the mid 90’s though the two met up once again & started their career as serious songwriters  Their first publishing deal came in 2002 with a song they had written a couple of years earlier called “I Don’t Want To Miss Someone.” The deal was with Sony/ATV and in 2007 a young star-to-be, Amy Cruz,  recorded the song in the famous Red Bus Studios in Salisbury Street, London. This song was released & went on to  become the carrier single for the album, 'Remember My Name' going on to top the charts for three weeks in the Philippines. 


They have also had a number of their other songs recorded & released by the French artist Cathy Varna. As Colin S says. “Who would have believed it - a couple of songwriters from Essex having their songs played all around the world – we’re well chuffed!”

Now, Fast forward again, this time to today & the guys took the bold decision & figured it was time to maybe give it a go themselves; you know, be the ones in the spotlight & The Weekend Blues Band was born! Now it’s their time to shine & showcase their song writing talents in the blues/rock genre to the world, with no one to hide behind. It’s a brave move for sure in this day & age but it’s long overdue. Their talent is undeniable & as for the band they’ve assemble to take this journey with..? Well, that’s the clever part, but sadly that story is for another day.


For now, all we will say is that Bennett & Steele are joined by Storm Guthrie on vocals, Billy ‘The Thump’ on bass, Johnny Fingers on the keys & Sticks Johnson on drums. Together they are The Weekend Blues Band & boy are you gonna love ‘em!


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Debut Single Release!

The Long awaited Debut Single from The Weekend Blues Band will be available for you to download and stream on all platforms from Friday June 7th 2024! Make sure you support the guys and download your copy & support them on their journey. 

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