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Bronze Package

Let our targeted Radio Campaigns get your music heard around the world at prices that speak for themselves!

Our first option sees your latest track recieve a Global Radio Awaness & Airplay Campaign. We will email a full EPK and Artist Profile out along with your music to a selected number of radio stations from our partners around the world, all of who we have a great proffessiional relationship with and all of who have previously agreed to hear from us as a Promotions company, so more chance your music will be aired. We do not profess to send out to thousands of stations unsolicited, as some companies do. Instead all of the stations we send to work alongside us and are eagerly waiting to hear your music. They number almost 2,000 stations worldwide and our contacts are growing week on week as our team continue to reach out and make new contacts, so you can be assured of airplay on a globaly, even on this entry level package.

This Bronze Package has been especially designed to help all artists achieve a cost-effective radio promotional package that will help support all np matter their level.

Provide us your band/artist Profile & your contact details along with single you want promoted & we will send that to all of our base list of radio contacts worldwide. Make sure when providing your EPK that your music is in both MP3 & WAV formats and make sure your Band/Act bio is complete and sussinct with all photos clear & of a standard that can be used & which shows you off to your best. Also include any artwork for the single, it's release date and ISRC code where available. 

Once all your information has been recieved we will compile it into a format to send, so creating you own Musician’s Profile, which normally takes up to seven days. 

Give us a call to get your personal campaign sorted now, who knows you may require more or less than offered and we can disciss your needs. Every artist has their own particular needs and as such our campaigns are designed around them. 

From £20 Per Month

(3 Month Minimum)

Girl With Flat Cap

Silver Package

This package works in exactly the same way as our Bronze Package and we will take your latest track and promote via our contacts, however under the terms of this package there will be multiple posts each month over the term of the campaign and this time all postings will go to our 'Prime List' of stations as well as our 'Base List' as we promote your either your latest track or EP for a Six Month Global Radio Awaness & Airplay Campaign, with multiple posting to stations as mentioned, so making sure they have ample opportunity to play your music. Reports will be provided monthly Your EPK & music will need to be supplied as with the Bronze package

Once again, make sure your Band/Artist Profile is created complete with pictures, music, social media links and direct contact details, then we will send to our radio partners over the poromotion. As with all promotional packages this level and above, we will offer Radio Interviews option to the stations as a further way for you to self promote and get to know your fans

Once all your information has been recieved we will compile it into a format to send, so creating you own Musician’s Profile, which normally takes up to seven days.

From £30 Per Month

(6 Month Period)

Gold Package

Our Yearly Global Radio Awaness, Airplay & Magazine Campaign is an ideal package for you to make use of as we share your recording to help you promote your latest EP or Album! Any tracks and details promoted through our gold option will consist of an intensive campaign seeing numerous email postings to our radio, print and playlists Like Spotify and as before your Musician’s Profile & EPK will be sent out to our FULL & ever growing number of contacts worldwide as well as the magazine contacts we work with relevant to your genre &  the radio stations that may also have their own online press related publications.

As with our other packages, once we have recieved your details, including your full and extended bio, music submissions, photos and social media links, we can begin your campaign. With this package you will recieve a monthy report which will consist of any stations or publications that have shown interest and have returned contact confirmation. All of this preperation usually takes no longer than seven days to prepare.

£50 Per Month

(Paid In 3 Month Periods)

Ask About Further Options

Music Apps

* prices dependant on artist requirements 

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