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Bad Monkey Records knows that the important factor in this industry are the artist, the acts, the bands. They are the key to everything and without them you wouldn't have the music you love and, more importantly, without them our industry would soon become extinct. Yet that is exactly what it feels like is happenning to many of the acts we love out there! Bands and singers are all to often packing it in, looking for new professions and turning their back on the dream they've always had. They feel no-one is listening to them and as such "What's The Point?" New unsigned acts as well as seasoned, signed performers alike are all making tough decisions as they are seeing little return for their talent and hard work. Unfortunately the way the industry works nowadays is geared more towards the major streaming providers and the big named acts and selling sites, all of whome are taking their grossly oversized piece of the pie leaving all the other artists all but penniless. Making a buck has never been harder for these guys and girls and as our beloved bands fall by the wayside the venues too become empty and then the artists finds themselves between a rock and a hardplace, unsure of their next move.

Street Musician

Well, we are listening! At Bad Monkey Records we want our artists to thrive and make as much money for their hard work as possible and so we are working with stations around the world to try and encourage their listeners to actually buy the music! Sounds simple? Well it is. We are actively trying to stop people from illegally downloading your hard work and instead understand the damage they are ultimately causing the industry. They don't have to buy an album, it would be nice if they did of course, but we are trying to encourage the act of at least buying one track of they album, especially if the whole thing is too expensive for them in this current climate. Imagine it, 5000 streams on some sites earn an artist around £15-£25 if they're lucky, whereas 5000 track downloads could earn the artist anywhere from £2,950 to £4,950 depending on track cost! this simply put means that they can earn a living and in turn keep on writing, recording and performing and hopefully, along the way, leave a legacy of great music behind! So do the math, and help us Keep It Fair!

It's not rocket science. We will do all we can to keep your costs as an artist down and your profits high, the way it should be. Join us in a new way forward, a new way of doing business and help us to keep moving forward with new ideas as a company and, as always, towards keeping our musicians in pocket. Too often musicians are left feeling they are only playing for "tips" and that's not right. Let's give them what they deserve. Click on their logos below and visit their dedicated page here on site and keep up to date with all they are up to with their music and of course follow their social media links. And remember, wherever possible buy direct from the acts as Merch & CD's direct from the artist is always preferable, then download & stream too! Play Fair is the words we are aiming to spread far and wide so that we can all watch our favourite artists thrive. 

Bad Monkey Records... With your help it'll be a whole new way of doing business, so why not join our Family? Click on the images below to check our some of the great acts that have already joined Bad Monkey Records on this journey and find links to all their social accounts and how to download their music. Thank you.

Click Images To View The Bad Monkey Artists Dedicated Pages

RBB - LOGO.jpg

The Roadhouse Blues Band

Ged Pic 1.jpg

Ged Wilson


Cosmic Whiskey Brothers


Bison Hip Band Shot 1.jfif

Bison Hip

Hook Logo 1.jpg


Kevan 2_edited.jpg

Kevan Taplin

Photo 24-11-2022, 11 22 48_edited.jpg

Dan G

Band Performing_edited_edited.jpg

Your Act Here?

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