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Hey There!

Is it time that you got signed to a label, so gaining all of the advantages that can come with it? Here at Bad Monkey Records we aim to offer just that and in doing so help you to get your music heard and together, along the way, find a better way to promote you and your act with the minimal ammount of fuss. Getting signed is not an easy task we know. Many great singers and bands are out there, playing in our venues week in and week out, sometime for little more than the ever needed "Van Money" just so they can make it to the next gig. It's a hard slog and it's not cheap, Bad Monkey though hopes to change that. However the way the industry works has changed and how you perseive a Record Label has also changed. We aim to make things work in favour of the Artist so they can have that label name behind them so having it help make sure that the artist gets the best possible outcome. After all, they are the people who do all the hard work!

Musician in a Recording Room
Recording Session

Signing To Bad Monkey Records

At Bad Monkey, we offer various different options when it comes to signing with us, each option tailored to the act rather than to the label. Yes we have conditions that we must meet, as well as costs, but they are few and necessary for us to do our job in the best way for you and that may even mean not signing a full contract but, instead to one of our other options. Here we will add your very own Artist Page to the site, so saving you the cost and time of making and running your own, if that's your choice, and it will be a place where all of your social media details, bios and images can be shared along with links with how to download & buy your music via whichever outlets you have placed your music. These steps and services are designed to save you money and instead put it where it belongs... In your pocket. Each profile is unique, as is each and every act out there, so why not move forward with one of our Record Service Contracts which aim to keep you as independant and unique as possible, all while having that label name behind you!

If you're interested in signing to our label and having us help you in moving forward with your music we'd love to hear from you. Simply send us a "demo" along with an Artist/Band Bio and a couple of pictures, or simply just drop us a hello email and we will get back to you and have an informal chat on the phone, or even in person where possible. If we like what we hear and you like what we have to offer, then we can hopefully start to work with you fast and help you reach your full potential. Add to all this we operateis our very own in house and varied Radio/Press Promotional Campaigns, which work with many confirmed radio stations and publications worldwide. A Bad Monkey signed act will undoubably reach many more listeners, which in turn can potentially turn into more record sales for you!

Seriously, it's never been easier to become a signed act and, depending on what you are after, no massive costs; unlike the kind of expense some other labels out there are charging. In turn you get to reap the rewards for your hard work. But remember, it still requires you to work hard, it is your band after all and the harder you work with us the better the end result.

So stop being just another weekend band struggling to get heard and let us help you get your music heard around the world. With us we will ensure that many more stations around the world will instantly become accessable to you along with their listeners who hopefully they will soon become your fans!

Woman Surrounded by Records
Live Recording

Just For You

As we haver pointed out, every band or act is different and we recognise this, it's what makes our job so great. What one act wants and desires can be vastly different from the next one, so we try and taylor to you as individuals. One thing we've noticed is that many of you want to hold on to that Independant Feel to your act and your music. To be in control, to choose the studios you like for recording in, to choose what it is that's most important to you, to keep the fun that you had as an unsigned act. And why wouldn't you? At Bad Monkey Records we aim to make this as much a possibility as we can, for we want you to be happy and have that freedom that being Independant allows you. So many labels impose restrictions. this is not the case at Bad Monkey.

For us we want what you want and if we can help you on your journey then it's a win win for us all. Our services and the flexability in our contracts means that even if you've been signed in the past and are looking for a new feel to your label and the way you work, or even if this is your first label signing for, you can be assued that we will treat you as an individual and not as a commodity and along the way we will try our very best to make your journey an enjoyable one in every aspect. Beware though! All of this doesn't mean you will succeed. Hard work and long hours on your part is key to reaching your goals, we are here to help, not control. After all, as we have said before, it's your music, your band.

So why not join us in a new way of doing business. We can be as involved in the process as you want or as quiet as you wish, it's entirely your choice! Whatever way you choose though, know that as your label we will promote your music to it's maximum potential and make sure that you reach as many listeners and media companies within our ability. So come on, why not start a new chapter in your musical journey. Contact us through the Contacts page here on site and take that step. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you very soon.

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