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The Essentials

Based on the East Coast, in Norfolk, in the UK, we started Bad Monkey in late 2021 with the aim of seeing if there was a better way of helping musicians get their music heard & hopefully sold. It’s no secret that the musicians & artists of today are choosing a more independent approach to the music industry. However, taking on such a task involves a lot of time & entails wearing an awful lot of hats! Artists, musicians, managers & label owners all have to do everything for themselves to get the best out of what's available to them & that’s why the rise of independent Record Label Services may be an interesting option for you! But with such a large responsibility placed on the shoulders of just one person, it can be very difficult to not only keep yourself sane but also keep your head focused on spending the time needed to develop every other aspect of your chosen career.

Band Performing

Record Label Services, sometimes known as Independent Label Services or simply Label Services are a great choice for artists who’d like to stay independent, but also want all the benefits of being signed to a record label. It’s essentially the modern music industry’s alternative to the traditional record label deal. Label Services can usually include the likes of marketing, promotion of you music and management services where required and where available to name but a few. Obviously this depends on what kind of deal you as an act needs or decides to go for.

With these such services you generally only pay for the ones you use instead of signing into a full record label contract & with more and more artists fighting to stay independent, Label Services are an increasingly common choice. Here at BMR we offer all choices and work with each act on an act by act basis. Get in touch and let's see were we can take you!

Everyones requirements are different, and we can't help everyone with everything they need, but we will do they best we can to get your music heard and you in front of as many people as we can.

Recording Music

Our Aim

It's a simple idea & sometimes that's all you need! Are you an independent act or band? If so you know the hurdles that lay ahead in getting your music, recorded, heard and ultimately sold. Bad Monkey Records offer many different packages but most importantly we aim to take some of that stress & strain from you where possible and help with any of the above so leaving you free to do what you do best... Making great music!

We offer a personal, band by band, act by act service from signing to our label for full benefits of offering Promo Campaign Services as you have requested and charged at a rate that is affordable and not a rip off. All our Campaigns go to featured stations who are waiting to hear your music and these are on a paid for "Only What You Want" basis, so if that's all you need, then that too is fine so get in touch and let us help get your tracks to the most radio stations and promoters possible and all at a price you are happy with.

It's Simple Really...

At the end of the day it's all about getting your music heard and, hopefully,  purchased, it really is that simple. There are far too many great acts & bands out there, playing in our pubs, clubs & small festivals who never get signed, never get the support that a label can offer & in turn never really get heard. Never reach that mass audience & here at BMR we don't think that is right or fair. You know the acts we are talking about, hell you might even be one of them! Our vision? To try and rectify that and give you the recognition you deserve by making sure that you get heard...the rest is up to you!

New acts or old hats at the scene, it makes no difference. With our extensive network we can help you & your act to reach your potential, with our full radio campaigns, priced and targeted individually per act, we will do our utmost to set you on the right course! 

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